I tested the OnePlus 12: a high-end mobile that will not break the 1,000 euro mark to shake up the market

OnePlus 12 haciendo fotos

He OnePlus 12 has already arrived in Spain. The brand’s new high-end mobile phone comes with keeping some of the best features of its predecessors and renewing other sections such as the camera or the battery to try to offer one of the best Android experiences on the market. And that also applies to its … Read more

A curious accessory for hanging a mobile phone around the neck for less than 10 euros

Accesorio colgar movil

The smartphone has become a necessary equipment in many people’s lives. So much so that there are many people who are searching alternative ways to keep it in your pocket so you always have it with you. Many people in Spain choose special holsters that have a strap attached to the bottom that allows it … Read more

How to turn your Amazon Echo smart speaker into a burglar detector

Detecta a los ladrones con un Amazon Echo

Voice assistants are increasingly used in Spain. According to the National Statistics Office four out of ten adults use a home automation device at home, although few make the most of it. The use of these speakers is diverse, from practical to controlling home automation to others much more fun. Among the most popular brands, … Read more

A Google Wallet trick that will always show you the right cards without you having to do anything

Cada vez más tarjetas llegan a Google Wallet

Apple and Google maintain an open war between their two mobile ecosystems. Each has its pros and cons, but there are things that have historically been better at one or the other. In the case of Apple, the integration is good Apple Wallet with a large number of companies that made it possible to have … Read more

A simple action that you do not know for any application to access the camera and microphone of your mobile

Utilizando un móvil Android

Over the past few years, Google has ensured that users in Spain can enjoy a larger number privacy-related features. These can help better protect the information that users store on their mobile devices, but also prevent some applications from abusing the permissions granted to them. Fortunately, both the purest version of Android and the customization … Read more

Why have a smart speaker with a screen: six features that will make it essential in your everyday life

Amazon Echo Show 8

2023 was the year of artificial intelligence It has established itself as a fashionable technology. Part of the success comes from the use that many people have given to generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT. The next leap will be the use of these systems in voice environments, which Google is already testing on some … Read more

How to connect a console controller to your Android mobile, tablet or TV

Mando de Xbox conectado a Android TV

Video games have developed at a great pace on Android, and while Google Play used to be full of simple and easy games in terms of graphics and gameplay, now there are more and more advanced games in this sense. In fact, it is even possible to play classic titles like GTA San Andreas and … Read more

The price of the Xiaomi car is official and it’s crazy: the company is hitting a table that will scare Tesla

El Xiaomi SU7 en color naranja

Xiaomi has done it. Not only created an electric car from scratchsomething that Apple itself was unablebut it is about to offer it at a revolutionary price that could cause an earthquake in the industry. Just the fact that Xiaomi has managed to create an electric car with technical characteristics capable of competing with the … Read more